February 17, 2009

A Personal Trainer & Canine Woes

So, what's a girl to do when her boyfriend of two years is on the night shift at the hospital?
Why, blog, of course, silly!

I had a session with a personal trainer at Bally's on Monday. It was pretty much awesome. In fact, it was so awesome, that at one point I thought I was gonig to pass out. As a result, I have been worked out and stretched out like never before. I may have to cough up the money to make this a regular deal.

Oh. Save the best for last! Today I discovered that, despite the medications they're on, both my dogs have worms. Whipworms, to be exact. Not only does this disgust me, but it means that I had to cancel my reservations at the kennel for next week, and find a new kennel that would take them despite this. Disgusting. You little nasties, you, there's a trip to the veterinarian in your imminent future.

Four days until Florida, baby!

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