February 14, 2009

Otherwise Known As..

Who am I? Why, let me over-inform you!

My name is Nicole. Yes. I know this is a stretch, but it is true, I assure you.

I am dating a man who just may be the greatest specimen of the male animal, and own two Boston Terriers who are complete polar opposites. The four of us share a domicile in the suburbs of Washington DC, where we habitually sneer at the driving habits of the locals. When we're not yelling and shaking our fists at them from the interior bubble of our car, that is.

I am a soldier. I think I enjoy it; some days, more than others. I currently work quadruple overtime at that massive public relations monster known as Walter Reed Army Medical Center. My relationship with that behemoth is tumultuous; more often than not, I pretty much hate it. I have stories. I’ll share. Just ask.

When I'm not being forced to pretend I enjoy picking up after other people's loose ends, I go to school part-time. It's slow going. Part of that's the Army, part of it is just plain laziness. I aspire to one day pursue a career in veterinary medicine. I do a lot of volunteer work- with animals, not humans. That pretty much sums up how I roll right there.

When I'm not slacking in uniform and not pretending to study, I workout and try to lead a healthy lifestyle. That doesn't happen as casually as that statement did. Athletics and healthy living have never particularly been my bag of tricks; in fact, I am a huge sympathsizer with the views of the great Crabby McSlacker. This, however, does not keep me from harboring and obtaining vast amounts of knowledge on subjects such as health, fitness, exercise, etc. It just means that I'm reluctant to act upon all that knowledge, so it builds up in my cranium until my head is too big to even consider any activity except sitting on the couch and snacking on a bag of potato chips rice cakes.

Okay. I jest. But really, between the Army, college courses, the medical training I've received, and my own obsession for seeking out all things healthy, there's really no reason for me to be in the shape [round] that I'm in.

I also (sometimes) harbor a deep, dark secret desire to become certified as a personal trainer to pay my way through college as the going rate for a degree in "general curriculum" is about .. oh, say, null. But to achieve this, I would have to a) get up off my butt, b) work my butt off, literally, and c) put forth some effort into bettering myself.

Yeah ... it's gonna be awhile, folks.

So I'm starting this blog mostly in attempt to change myself, and partially just so I can say that I, like the rest of America, have a blog and feel like my opinions matter!

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